Thursday, 5 July 2018

Monday, 25 June 2018


Today in maths after xtramaths I was doing shape art, in shape art we had to make a shape out of shapes! I made a flower out of rectangles and squares i made the pedals with rectangles and the middle with a square. In maths whizz i did a pacman game and we had to measure the lines.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Monday, 18 June 2018

Coding With Mr Kanine!

This day, 18th Of June 2018 we had Mr Kanine and Mrs Gurden in our class for coding They showed us this program called Mr Kanine told us we had to make a maze for a pacman game. First we had to make a stage and a actor for the actor we had to of course make a circle and make sure it was yellow, for the stage we had to draw a maze that had a dead end and a place were they could get out you had to draw a lot of lines so it could be hard but easy, when we had worked out everything to make it move up down left and right. The next exciting thing was A makey makey there were only 9 Of them which meant that only 9 people could use them While everyone was waiting Mr Kanine said he brought some DRONES! How to use the makey makey was you had to put one of the clippy things into some kind of fruit (as long as it had skin) and then you plug two other ones into a ball of playdoh, You could poke a USB cord Into your computer next was the exciting part we had to hold your fruit and touch the two play doh balls. With the drones we had To try and make sure that they land in the right place! The End.

Friday, 15 June 2018

How to ride a bike.

Today I Am going to explain how to ride a bike. A bike is a kind of obstacle that a person can ride on to got to place to place. A Bike is NOT a living creature You Can have handle bars on your bike a chain and Pedals. Hope you enjoy the way you learn how to ride a bike !!! The first thing you do Put your helmet on and make sure you head is in the Helmet. 2. Take your stand up (the thing that is black on the bottom. 3. You put your feet on the pedals you Push FORWARDS hold on to the handle bars So you don't fall off. 4. Make sure your bum IS on the seat. 5. Push off (3,2,1 BLAST OFF) YOu will start pedeling with both feet going forwards. 6. And last IF you are turning, Use your left hand to go right and use your right hand to turn left! Now you have to have a great bike that has Good Gears Good Sespention And good brakes. If you have NEVER Rood a bike you use training Wheels. Now How to ride a bike , you ALWAYS have your shoes tied up For Reasons , You would need a bike helmet make sure it IS buckled up Also make sure it covering the back of your head. If you want a drink bottle make sure you have a drink bottle holder, If you have a geared bike you would put it on any gear as long as you are comfy With it, When your ready and you have never ridden a bike you should start on a hill with your training wheels , Push off and use the pedals as you go down if your going down to fast you make sure that you put your fingers on the brakes, When you get the hang of it you Can take one of you training wheels off and try and do that, when you have got the hang of that you take the last one off And ride the bike. If you have to carry something dont use one hand on riding a bike because it is sometimes dangerous So I would prefur a basket on the front of your bike Or a bag. Theres all sorts of KInd of bikes theres bmx kinds and mountine bikes aswell. What I would take every time I go on a trip on a bike I would either bring a basket or a bag to carry if you bring a bag I would bring some snacks , A water bottle (if you dont have a holder) I would bring some spare clothes And a first aid kit. If your riding on a main road And if you have to turn you would use your arm to Indicate where your going. If your riding and it get dark I would bring a jacket that has high vis on it witch is called high vis. Thats how you ride a bike. By Aaliyah


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How to do Photography!

This is my way on doing photography.