Friday, 15 February 2019

The River

Where-Hokitika Who-Myself and Maddy When-Waitangi day 6th of feb Why- for fun What-Swam , Horseback from Maddy's house It was such a hot day in Hokitika on Waitangi day and I was boiling!,I wondered what on earth I could do! I sat myself down on the couch that my phone went “Beep!!!” And my friend asked If i would like to go down to the River for a horse ride and of course I said “YES!”. I asked Mum If she would be able to go drop me off in town to Maddy's and she said “Clean your room first!” Which was very annoying because it was a mess! She finally said yes so Maddy and I arranged to meet. We met at her house, We had a walk to Hokitika primary school and decided that we would go down to the river at 1:30, We drove to the horses and went down a track that went down the riverline it was so shady and dark it felt like we were going in the night time! When we got there we tied the horses under a tree,The tree was so nice and shady for the horses to lay under they must have been relieved, We got dressed and hopped into the refreshing water, it was a bit rough but we still did it!. We had a BIG swim. We hoped out at 3:45 at the latest, We brought the horses across the river so that they were back to the owners. At 4 we got picked up. When we got back we had a platter of fruit which was made of crackers dip , carrots, fruit and much more! WEEK 2 WRITING after we went for a walk over to the racecourse and had some running races and then my phone vibrated in my pocket and it was Mum eventually we got back to Maddy's house and mum picked me up! It was a great day at the river!

Hockey skills with Luke and Jack

Today the 15th of Feb we had Jack and Luke at Kaniere school for a 40 minute hockey lesson, it started as being a bit cold but when we got our ball and jockey stick we were on fire! First they taught us where to put your had and then showed us how to stop and start which is called control, we went up and down the court a couple of times and then we all got told to "STOP!" and that's what we did. After he told us that we had to get in ones and twos, twos had to go on the other side of the court with the ball and the ones did opposite. We had to PUSH the ball to one another, But we had to keep the stick on the ground that's what I found the hardest! Next we split into just boys as one group and girls as the other the girls had to try and steal the ball off the others and I'm guessing the boys had to do the same, Sadly the bell rang and we had to go get our kai! It was such a nice hockey practise!

Friday, 8 February 2019

Monday, 4 February 2019

First day back!

Today its the first day back at Kaniere school the 4th of feb, In the first week of the holidays I found out i was going to Wanaka for Christmas!Me and my Nana went on the 23rd of December, on the Christmas day I opened my presents and they were so awesome!And we came back on the 28th.after that on the 19th I went to Rebekahs birthday party! Then as soon as I knew it it was my birthday, on the 29th of January which was so exciting! What I hope to achieve this year is to play as much sports as i can and try focus in kapa haka What im looking foward this year is to help people with there work, and to camp, also skiing !

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


On the 12 of december we had pet day all sorts came , dogs,horses,cats,guinea pigs,tutles and more we did it from 11:00 till 12:30.The parade held by Belinda and Bella from Ruma piwakawaka

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Road safety!

This is my presentation about road safety all about what you have to do on a road! Hope you enjoy.